What is Rainmaking?

rainmakingRainmaking” is defined as helping businesses achieve profits, oftentimes in the direst do-or-die business scenarios. Rainmakers are wellsprings of ideas, fonts of vast pools of experience and business cases, and have a number of contacts and a network that allows them to tap into and pull off a lot more than ordinary business people can or do.

The rainmaker is the individual you go to when you don’t know where else to turn. He’s the one who helps you pull profits out of thin air; he’s a magician, of sorts, except that his talent is not illusion, but results.

You might have a rainmaker working for you already – he’s the employee on your staff you know you can count on 100% of the time to do the impossible when everyone else on the payroll tells you it can’t be done or there’s not enough time. He’s the one you feel like if everybody else quit, you’d still probably be okay so long as he was still there. And if you don’t have someone like this on your staff – trust me, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Rainmakers make business a lot less scary, and a lot less uncertain.

Rainmakers as friends are similar to this. Do you have one friend you always turn to whenever you find yourself in a bind? That’s your rainmaker friend. The one who always knows exactly how to help you get out of some sticky situation, or navigate a corporate or relationship tightrope? Every time he gives you a hand, you’re witnessing rainmaking in action.

Where do rainmakers develop this particular brand of problem-solving and Johnny on the Spot? In my experience, rainmakers are always lone wolves, of a sort, used to having to do it all alone. Because of this, they’ve become incredibly resourceful, adaptable, and able to think quickly on their feet. There are three crucial elements to being a talented rainmaker:

  1. Experience,
  2. Indomitable confidence, and
  3. A flexible mind

The experience part is, of course, that the more you know, the more examples and benchmarks you have to pull ideas and solutions from.

The indomitable confidence part is, if someone gets shaken the moment he encounters a tough problem, he can’t be a rainmaker. All rainmakers do is solve difficult-to-solve problems – so he’s got to become energized in the face of challenge, not defeated.

And the flexible mind ought to go without saying – to solve problems outside the box, you’ve got to be able to think outside the box, too. That’s where the tough problems are, and that’s where the best solutions are, too.

Rainmaking is all about finding a way to do things that nobody else thinks can be done – and often in a time crunch, too. In business – and in life – you frequently end up in a pickle; the rainmaker is the one who steps in and guides you back out.

For more on rainmaking, check out the blog. If you’re in an impossible situation yourself – or your business is – check out our rainmaking services page to find out how you can get your own personal rainmaker working for you right now.

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  1. karuna says:

    Wow, that’s me. I never knew there was a name, I thought I was just seriously lucky all the time.

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