Quick Fix: Using vReveal to Enhance Video

enhance videoI’ve been creating video on a budget for years, and I’ve more or less been using the same programs for it since the early 2000s. While image editing software has improved by leaps and bounds, outside of Adobe Premiere it’s been all but a wasteland for anyone who wants to enhance video color, quality, or anything else.

Not anymore.

I found a program called “vReveal” recommended on a random message board in response to someone looking for a way to enhance video. I figured I wasn’t going to find much – just the same stuff I find every time I look for ways to enhance video, about once a year or so – but I saw this recommendation and dutifully checked it out.

Finding the website – it’s located at, intuitively enough, vReveal.com – I watched the 30-second intro video they have posted on their main page.


Not only did it apparently have the kind of image quality enhancement and lighting correction tools I was looking for, but it even corrected shakey video. Like, really shakey video… turned into very smoothly rolling video. I didn’t even know they could do that. From what I read on another website later, vReveal apparently uses image stabilization technology from the United States military’s unmanned aerial vehicles to pull off this tricky technique. Leave it to DARPA to figure out something I’ve wanted in my video Easter basket for a decade.

So, of course, I downloaded, installed it, and took it for a test spin. The software did everything it promised, and a few things more. I was, all the way around, pretty satisfied.

I had some bad lighting in part of a sales video I created for another website of mine, but I was able to get the lighting (an orange-y late afternoon glow) to almost perfectly match the lighting in the rest of the video, and then sharpen that part of the video to make up for the sharpness lost in the darker, more orange lighting. I came out with a much more professional-looking sales video than I had the first time around, where between clips the lighting changed dramatically. Now it all looks the same.

The only thing I found annoying about it was the vReveal logo tossed in at the bottom of the video for the first 2 seconds. But, if you get creative about editing (e.g., slotting in 2 seconds of black screen before your video, then editing it out after processing), you can get around that. I’d expect you also can forego this if you upgrade to premium, which is $49.95 and comes with a few additional features the company restricts you from using in the free version.

vReveal isn’t perfect. It’s not going to take a terrible video and make it a work of art. But if you’ve wished you could bring the tools you have available to you in image editors – sharpen, lighting effects, saturation, hue changes, contrast – to bear on enhancing video, it’s a great tool for doing just that.

Check it out if you work with video.



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  1. Brad says:

    Do you still have VREVEAL? If so, I have some 8km digital footage to enhance. Would really appreciate your assistance consider they don’t make it anymore.

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