A Warm Welcome from Chase Dumont

welcome chase dumontHey there, this is Chase.

If you know me at all, you know I’ve journeyed down a number of different walks of life. I’ve done sales, music, writing, and entrepreneurship. I’m a former business consultant for IBM and contractor for the US Department of Defense, and I’m a world traveler who’s been everywhere from Monaco to Cambodia to Peru and back again. My life changes fast, and I myself change faster.

This site is called “Chase Dumont, Rainmaker” because that’s what I am. I’m a man who brings ideas, and a man who brings results. I’ve reached a point in my life where I am unapologetically confident that I can solve any problem, improve any process, and build a better foundation for anything and everything I come into contact with. I have the Midas touch, you could say. And I’ve got the track record and credentials to back it up.

So, this is my website. Welcome. It’s one of dozens I’ve built – I suppose I didn’t mention I build websites above, but since you’re here I guessed you’d probably get that one on your own. This website’s focused more on the business side of things, but I’ll link to some of my other projects from time to time too. Have a look around, get to know me, get to know the site, and hopefully you’ll find something here to benefit your own life and your own projects. I’m guessing you probably will.

Chase Dumont, January 2012


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